The STM FLASH pasteuriser is designed for thermal processing of a product (beer) in flow. The pasteuriser’s main components include a plate heat exchanger, pumps, a storage tank and a control cabinet. The machine is heated with steam and cooled with glycol or ice water. It is also equipped with electronic temperature and pressure sensors, a flow meter, a pressure reducer and a proportional valve for steam control. The machine is controlled via a touch screen control panel

Pasteuriser capacity: 500 l/h, 1000 l/h, 1500 l/h, 2000 l/h

The machine is made of stainless steel

Main advantages of the STM FLASH pasteuriser

  • High heat-energy recovery up to 96%
  • Widely used in various industries of the food industry: beverages and alcoholic drinks, juice, milk, food concentrates etc.
  • Minimal sensory changes due to pasteurisation
  • Uniform heating over the entire product volume
  • Low outlet temperature of the product
  • Small space for installation required
  • High flexibility of technological requirements for pasteurisation
  • High protection against product over-pasteurisation.


The STM TUNEL tunnel pasteuriser is intended for thermal processing (pasteurisation) of beer, juice and carbonated beverages, carried out in a glass container with a capacity of 250 to 1000 ml. The pasteuriser consists of five sections: two heating sections, one pasteurisation section and two cooling sections with temperature control. Each of them is fitted with spray nozzles along the entire length of the tunnel.

The pasteuriser is made of stainless steel, the pasteurisation cycle
lasts 45 minutes at nominal capacity.

Pasteuriser capacity: 1000, 3000, 5000, 9000 bph

Main advantages of the STM TUNNEL PASTEURISER

  • High pasteurisation efficiency
  • Very low incidence of infectants in the pasteurized product
  • Possibility to pasteurise more types of drinks within one line
  • Minimal sensory changes due to pasteurisation
  • Reliable and easy-to-use design

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