Beer filling lines – bottles & cans

STM BEER – We are a company originating and specializing in bottling. We offer state-of-the-art solutions used in beer packaging in both bottles and cans. We have been modernizing and developing our technology for over 30 years. Beer filling is a highly complicated process that irreversibly affects the quality and taste of the finished product. […]

Brewhouse – Restaurant and craft breweries

We are moving toward the future with new solutions for the brewing industry and its related sectors. Our offer includes complete equipment for small and medium breweries. Starting with brewery equipment, tanks, dry hopping equipment, CIP stations, deaerators and yeast propagators. The production capacities of our complete installations range from 250 hl to 5,000 hl […]

Tank fermenters and buffer tanks

We offer process tanks – used in the fermentation and aging of beer and the preparation of drinks – made of stainless steel, vertical, insulated with the possibility of connecting a cooling system. Available working capacities: 2.5 hl, 5 hl, 10 hl, 20 hl, 40 hl, 60 hl and 80 hl. Main advantages of STM TANKS tanks  Temperature control system with valves […]

Process machines – Water deaeration, dry hop, cip station, yeast propagation

WATER DEAERATION SYSTEM The STM O² LESS deaeration system enables reduction of the dissolved oxygen content in process water. Considering many aspects of beer production, oxygen is the enemy of the finished product. Breweries struggle with the problem of beer aeration during bottling, pumping and dry hopping. The STM O² LESS deaeration system degasses oxygen […]


FLOW PASTEURISATION The STM FLASH pasteuriser is designed for thermal processing of a product (beer) in flow. The pasteuriser’s main components include a plate heat exchanger, pumps, a storage tank and a control cabinet. The machine is heated with steam and cooled with glycol or ice water. It is also equipped with electronic temperature and […]


The STM TES PAL system is a modern automatic solution based on a robot which loads products on pallets. Machine capacity: 18-65 ppm Main advantages of the STM TES PAL system Machine’s operation is fully automated Minimised number of people working at the bottling line Possibility of palletising various packages Very wide range of performance […]

Labelling systems

STM BEER offers labeling devices for various types of label applications, supporting a wide range of performance. Our main products are line labeling machines – for applying self-adhesive paper, standard, and transparent foil labels with a capacity in the range of 1500-6000bph. Another solution we offer is rotary machines that allow you to apply cold-glued […]

Bottle and cans depalletisation

The STM TES DEPAL system allows to depalletise bottles and place them on the production line in a semi-automatic or automatic mode.  The bottles are removed from the pallet layer by layer, with the help of specially adapted handles, and then transferred to the bottling line conveyors. Machine capacity: Semi-automatic version up to 10,000 bph […]